We are pleased to announce that the following members of staff will be undertaking attachments at the Crick:

Satellite Groups

Dr Avinash Shenoy

Dr Shenoy’s group is broadly interested in the mechanisms of activation and downstream responses of inflammasomes, which are signalling complexes that activate caspase-1. Inflammasomes promote immunity to infection but also cause inflammation in a number of human diseases. His group investigates the cell-intrinsic roles of caspases in immunity and inflammation, for example during infection by enteric pathogens and due to natural genetic mutations. His group will utilise Crick’s imaging facilities and expertise in M. tuberculosis biology to study inflammasome signalling at the single-cell level. Other collaborative studies will include inflammasome signalling during Toxoplasma infection and the structural biology of new proteins in the pathway. His group is also interested in the regulation of autophagy and nutrient-sensing by caspases. 

Dr Doryen Bubeck

Dr Bubeck will be leading a group to understand the how the complement membrane attack complex kills microbes by making pores in lipid bilayers. The group will use the Crick’s cutting-edge resources in electron cryo microscopy to visualize assemblies at high-resolution. This work will resolve a long standing question in immunology and provides a strong foundation for the development of therapeutics that regulate complement activity.