Photo of Bryan HsiehBryan Hsieh received the MEng degree in Biomedical Engineering (EEE stream) from Imperial College London in 2016. During his master thesis, he worked under Prof. Emmanuel Drakakis developing hardware for ultrasound imaging. Specifically, he designed a low noise front-end PGA for an ultrasound imaging system with synthetic aperture, in addition to a verilog (FPGA) implementation of a beamforming algorithm. In October 2016, he joined the NGNI lab through the EPSRC CDT in Neurotechnology.

PhD thesis topic

"Microdevices to Investigate Sleep and Temperature Regulation in Mice"

Co-supervised by: Professor Nick Franks, Professor Bill Wisden and Dr Timothy Constandinou

Research interests

Implantable integrated circuits, mixed signal circuit design, biomedical devices and brain machine interfaces.
Bryan Hsieh talks about his research that is developing microdevices to investigate fundamentals of sleep