Project TitleBrief DescriptionDurationFunded by
AnaeWARE: Monitoring awareness during anaesthesia – a multi-modal approach The project will involve the collection of anonymous multi-modal signals from patients undergoing elective surgery at Hammersmith Hospital, London. The data will be analysed in order to identify how anesthetic administration affects the relationships between the different modalities and investigate whether such changes provide increased discriminatory power between wakefulness and anesthesia, or even prediction of wakefulness. 2014-16 EU FP7 Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship (IEF)
Electro-Optic Platform for Free Space CMOS Photonics This project investigated the feasibility of developing a fully-integrated optical modulator in unmodified CMOS technology through exploiting parasitic devices to modulate free carrier absorption. 2009-12 EPSRC Project
iPROBE: in-vivo Platform for the Real-time Observation of Brain Extracellular activity We will develop a methodology to record simultaneously from thousands of neurons spread over multiple structures of the living brain, and deliver a next generation neural recording platform to the international scientific community. This platform will exceed the current state-of-the-art by over an order of magnitude, providing a completely unprecedented understanding of how huge networks of individual neurons interact in time and space to support brain functions.  2013-16 EPSRC Project
Neural Prosthesis for Proprioception This project investigated the provision of artificial proprioceptive feedback from a prosthetic limb by direct electrical stimulation of nerves using a neural implant. 2010-14 EPSRC DTA
NGNI: Ultra Low Power Implantable Platform for Next Generation Neural Interfaces This project developed a platform technology that converts the raw signal from electrodes into a stream of identified spike events suitable for subsequent processing by conventional digital microelectronics. This platform is suitable for incorporation into a range of wireless, implantable devices. 2010-14 EPSRC Project
Optical Neural Recording for Large-Scale Activity Monitoring  This project investigated a method to detect neural activity optically without the use of any external marker, by measuring the changes in the refractive index of neurons during activity.  2015-18 EPSRC DTA
SenseBack: Enabling Technologies for Sensory Feedback in Next-Generation Assistive Devices Senseback developed technologies for the next generation of assistive devices to provide truly natural control through enhanced sensory feedback. To enable this level of feedback, we must meet two clear objectives: to generate artificial signals that mimic those of the natural arm and hand, and to provide a means of delivering those signals to the nervous system of a prosthesis user.  2015-18 EPSRC Project & EPSRC DTC HiPEDS
Wireless Intraspinal Microstimulation This project investigated new methods for neural stimulation (charge and voltage mode) and developed a fully-integrated multimodal neural stimulator targeting multi-channel intraspinal microstimulation towards a wireless implant. 2010-14 EPSRC Project
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