QOLS Introductory Lectures

All new QOLS students follow a course of introductory lectures in the autumn and spring terms of their first year, designed to give them an overview of the research activities in the group. These are called the Light-Matter Interaction lectures (LMI) and are organised by Professor Leszek Frasinski.

MSc Course in Optics and Photonics

If you are interested in a research career in optics and photonics, you may wish to apply for a place on our MSc course, offered together with the Photonics Group and the Experimental Solid State Physics Group. This provides an excellent training to go into the optics and photonics industry and the graduates may also go on to study for a PhD in the QOLS group. Traditionally we have recruited a significant fraction of our PhD students from this MSc programme. Further information about the course can be found in the Postgraduate Prospectus.