Current research

Frontiers of Few-Cycle Laser Pulse Compression

Aims to enable measurements and control of matter at the attosecond timescale, the timescale of electron motion and the fastest events in normal matter.

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Novel Ultraviolet and vacuum-UV ultrafast sources

The development of novel ultrafast light sources that allow for fine measurement and control of matter in the quantum scale, and therefore have the long-term potential to become tools in the development of new quantum technologies

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Cold Molecules

Aims to cool a wide variety of molecules to micro-Kelvin temperatures, trap them for minutes at a time, and develop all the tools required for the complete control at the quantum level of all the degrees of freedom.

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Novel atom-photon interface using individual molecules coupled to a waveguide

Aims to build quantum photonic circuits with single molecules and waveguide networks on chip, so that entanglement and interference of multiple photons can be exploited in a parallel fashion

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Quantum Properties of Plasmon Nanowaveguides