Paloma Matía-HernandoAttosecond_beamline_laser

My PhD project is concerned with the development of novel ultrafast light sources that allow for fine measurement and control of matter in the quantum scale, and therefore have the long-term potential to become tools in the development of new quantum technologies. I work at the attosecond beamline of the Laser Consortium in the generation, characterisation and application of vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) pulses for attosecond pump-attosecond probe experiments. Using high-harmonic generation driven by few-cycle infrared pulses, we are now simultaneously generating isolated attosecond XUV and VUV pulses.

Jan-March 2014. The first step of my involvement in the project is the measurement of the photon flux of the VUV pulses currently generated in the laboratory, in order to characterise the conversion efficiency of the infrared beam into VUV, where direct measurement of the pulse energy is not straightforward. Following initial experiments carried out in the laboratory at an earlier stage of the project, I will be taking advantage of the properties of sodium salicylate as a fluorescent material at 400 nm with an almost constant efficiency across our wavelength region of interest, and measure the resulting fluorescence with a carefully calibrated detection system to obtain an energy value for our attosecond VUV pulse.


People currently involved in the project:

Davide Fabris, Daniel Walke, Dr Thomas Barillot, Dr. Tobias Witting, Prof. Jon Marangos, Prof. John Tisch.