Imperial SpaceLab Conference 2015

The College’s annual showcase of space science, engineering, medicine and business took place on Tuesday 29th September at Imperial College London. Further details can be found on the SpaceLab 2015 events page.

Previous SpaceLab Events

Imperial SpaceLab Conference 2014

Imperial SpaceLab 2014 was held on 25 September 2014. It was the College’s 2nd annual showcase of space science, engineering, medicine and business and included a new and popular Research Marketplace with spotlight presentations and exhibits.

We have uploaded the content from the day as a repository of information about current research, technology and services that were showcased by members of the SpaceLab, by industry partners and the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency.

Please visit the conference website to view the keynote talks, browse the research marketplace listings, see the gallery of images, and download the conference brochure.

Mars:  Latest Results for an Ever-Changing Planet

17 January 2014

Presented by Dr. Richard Zurek
Chief Scientist of the Mars Program Office, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

On Friday, 17 January Dr Richard Zurek will present at Imperial College:

Mars is a world that has changed throughout its long history and continues to change today.  Gale Crater was once a habitable locale, buried for much of Mars history and only exposed relatively recently.  Even today episodic dust storms spread across the planet, sand dunes move, sublimating ice triggers landslides, and narrow fingers on steep-walled slopes darken during the warmest seasons, only to fade away during the colder times of year.

These discoveries continue to make Mars a compelling destination for robotic and human missions of exploration.

Date and time: 3pm, Friday, 17 January 2014

Venue: Room 611, Electrical Engineering (building number 16), South Kensington Campus

Imperial SpaceLab Launch, 1 July 2013

Over 120 people attended the first event of the Imperial SpaceLab launch. The event was opened by Professor Sir Keith Keith O'Nions and delegates heard presentations from UKSA, ESA, the Satellite Applications Catapult, STFC, Imperial researchers (Professor Michele Dougherty, Dr Tom Pike, Dr Helen Brindley, Chris Carr and Professor Mark Sephton), along with companies including EADS Astrium, Inmarsat, SSTL and Telespazio Vega. Click below to view the presentations from the day.

10:00  Welcome, Introduction to Imperial and the Imperial Space Lab; Professor Sir Keith O’Nions, President and Rector, Imperial College London and Professor Steve Schwartz, Imperial

Session 1: Space Science (Chair, Professor Mark Sephton)

10:15 UK Space Agency; Dr David Parker, Chief Executive
10:40 Space Missions to the Outer Planets; Professor Michele Dougherty, Imperial
11:05 Imperial's involvement in NASA's next Mars mission, InSight; Dr Tom Pike, Imperial
11:30 Earth Observation Activities at Imperial; Dr Helen Brindley; Imperial
11:55European Space Agency; Magali Vaissiere, Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications

Session 2: Space Technology (Chair, Professor Michele Dougherty)

13:20 Space Physics: Instrumentation and Industrial Partnerships; Chris Carr, Imperial
13:45 Satellite Applications Catapult; Paul Febvre, CTO
14:10 Geochemistry and Meteoritics, Professor Mark Sephton; Imperial
14:35 SSTL; Phil Davies, European Business Development Manager
15:00 EAD S Astrium; Chris Ward, H ead of UK R&D

Session 3: Space Services and Funding Opportunities (Chair, Professor Stev e Schwartz)

16:00 STFC External Innovations Programme Funding Schemes; Dr Vlad Skarda
16:25 Telespazio VEGA UK; Ian Encke, Head of Geo-information Business Development
16:50 Inmarsat; Rupert Pearce, CEO, and Marcus Vilaça, Chief Scientist & VP Technology Strategy
17:15 Close; Professor Maggie Dallman, Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Imperi al

Click here to view the compiled presentations

We plan to hold annual Imperial SpaceLab events so watch this space for the 2014 date!

From late 2013 the Imperial SpaceLab will hold funding for termly seminars. If you would like to make suggestions or nominate internationally or nationally renowned speakers to this series, please do get in touch.

External events

The UK Space Conference was held in Glasgow on 16-17 July 2013. At the meeting, David Willetts, Minister for Universities and Science highlighted the strengths of the UK space industry and outlined investment in space technology eg the SABRE rocket engine. Click here to read the text of his speech.