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Make a spaceship!

Here at Imperial College we've sent space missions all over the solar system - Our Space Exploration Infographic shows all the places we've visited (and places like Ganymede - the moon of Jupiter - that we'll be visiting in the future).

If you could design your own spaceship, where would you go? What would your spaceship look like? 

Here's your challenge: complete one of the following tasks:

For younger children (and adults!),

  • Make your own spaceship out of anything you have lying around the house - old cardboard boxes, containers, the contents of your recycling bin, whatever you can find!
  • Draw your own spaceship and be as creative as you can!

For older children (and adults!)

  • Design your spaceship. Draw a diagram showing the layout of your spaceship. What do you need? What don't you need? How many people are going? What's the purpose of your mission? Look online for inspiration - or use your imagination!


When you're done, why not share your creation?

  • If you want to share your creation, ask your parents or carers to help post a picture of your creation on Twitter with the hastag #spacelabspaceship, and send Space Lab a tweet with your picture to @ICSpaceLab - we'll collect them there.
  • And don't forget: tell us where your spaceship is goingand the name of your spaceship 

Last updated 26.03.2020