Imperial owes its success to its outstanding staff and students, and is committed to the highest standards for their health, safety and welfare. As we move into a prolonged period of remote working, this policy sets out the steps that you should follow to ensure that you are able to undertake your duties safely and effectively in your home working environment. 

Whilst there are a number of adjustments and improvements that we can make ourselves to our home working environments, there will be instances where we will need some support from the College to enable us to undertake our duties effectively.  In seeking this support, we must continue to be prudent in our expenditure, as the College is a charity and recipient of significant public funding.

Step 1 – Review your working environment and practices

  • Using the guidance from Occupational Health, review your working environment and make the ergonomic adjustments that you are able to in order to promote your wellbeing at your workstation, including regular breaks and workstation exercises.
  • Your review may highlight that you require an ergonomic aid, piece of equipment or item of office furniture to enable to you work safely. Please review the Purchasing guidance for information about what is available from the College that would be most appropriate for your needs. Items that are already available on campus (such as your laptop, office chair or screen) may be collected by you or sent to you (Step 3).
  • You may also determine that you need access to other items (such as papers, files, books or equipment) on campus in order to progress work, and these may be collected by you or sent to you (Step 3).

Step 2 – Seek approval

  • Please seek approval of any request from your line manager and authorised departmental approver.
  • If your request is approved, your authorised departmental approver will confirm whether the item can be purchased or collected from campus. If you are unable to attend campus to collect the item, arrangements will be made to send the item to you.
  • If the item is to be purchased, your authorised departmental approver will advise as to whether you can purchase it yourself and reclaim on expenses or whether it can be ordered via iProcurement and sent directly to you.
  • If the item is to be collected or sent to you from campus, your authorised departmental approver will confirm whether this will be arranged by the department or whether you should use the request form set out in Step 3. Records of items being loaned to you from campus will be kept by your department and you will be expected to return these to campus once you return to campus on a regular basis to undertake your role.

Step 3 – Obtaining your item(s)

  • For authorised purchases, please refer to the Purchasing guidance to enable you to buy your item through the College and the Expenses guidance for reimbursement of the costs of items you purchase independently.
  • If your department is not able to arrange collection or dispatch of item with you directly, please complete this form [Word] to arrange for collection or delivery.

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