The following categories have been established in the Human Resources ‌work location guidance (sign-in required) to help determine whether the work location of a role may combine working at a College location for part of the time and working remotely for part of the time, known as ‘hybrid’ working as a temporary arrangement:   

  1. College Location - roles required on campus or a College site 100% of the time.  Work needs to be carried out on campus; predominantly customer-facing roles requiring a physical presence to perform duties. 

  1. Hybrid – roles which can be performed through a combination of remote working and working at a College location.  There will be the need for flexibility to ensure operational requirements continue to be met and the delivery of work is maintained.  The balance of remote/College location working within hybrid arrangements and the impact on the overall team will need to be carefully reviewed.

Thinking about a desk booking system?

The Return to Campus Space workstream has drafted new guidelines for desk booking systems – from how to decide if they are necessary for your team, which system to use, and which alternatives could be a better fit.