In line with current Government guidance and the College’s need to prioritise research and the return of students, the expectation is that all staff who can carry out their roles effectively at home will continue to do so.

Those staff who need to come in for research purposes or other essential teaching-related and operational purposes will continue to be allowed limited access to campus in accordance with departmental procedures. From September more staff may be required to come on campus to teach and support students as they return to campus. Staff responsible for the running of campus and hall services and operations will continue to access the campus as normal. 

In addition, for a small number of staff there may be cases where their home working environments or arrangements are such that: 

  • they are detrimental to their physical or mental well-being or 
  • they make it extremely difficult for them to do their job.  

Then Heads of Department can grant permission for working on-site. 

This will be largely limited to cases where staff are working in cramped, shared or otherwise unsuitable accommodation or are working and living aloneIn these cases, the College may be able to offer limited on-site working scheduled by departments within normal working hours ie Monday to Friday 8.00 – 18.00. 

Please note that if staff do not have the appropriate hardware or software they should first follow the guidance for getting the necessary equipment. 

While it may be possible for a small number of staff to work on-site they may well be working in a different space ttheir previous officearrangements are likely to be on a part-time or occasional basis and parking may not be available. The working environment is also likely to be very different to what staff are used towith limited catering and few colleagues on-site. 

Staff who want to explore this should discuss it with their line manager and line managers can also raise it where they feel it would be beneficial. Line managers who are planning resuming onsite work can refer individuals with health vulnerabilities to Occupational HealthThe final decision on whether cases meet the criteria will rest with Heads of Department. If you are within a faculty the expectation is that the department will find you the appropriate space and parking if available. 

If you are in College central support services then the Head of Department should email Ann Marie Clarke to see what suitable desk spaces are available and Estates Operations will be able to confirm the location. You will need to give a week's notice of any request. Parking will not be available in these cases. 

The safety of our staff and students is our first priority and the College needs to limit the number of people on-site to ensure that communal areas such as walkways and lifts can be accessed safely within social distancing arrangements. Therefore, the criteria may change in future if there is more demand than we can safely meet. Staff who are continuing to work from home may find these tips helpful.