Updated 21 June 2021

If you book a test with  the College’s PCR testing scheme, you will be provided with a confirmation of your COVID-19 test result which you will be able to download from the system yourself.  The confirmation will include date of birth and passport number, if you entered these details when you completed the booking form.  

Our tests are currently UKAS accredited and so the test confirmation may satisfy your travel requirements. However, it is your responsibility to check with your airline and destination country whether the confirmation will be valid for your travel requirements. We are not able to advise as to whether specific countries or airlines will accept our confirmations for travel. 

If additional paperwork such as a "Fit to Fly" certificate (following a clinician assessment) is required, then we recommend you source this from an appropriate private (GP or travel clinic) provider.  

When you will receive your results  

We aim to have test results ready within 36 working hours of when the test was taken, and the lab team works hard to make this happen. However, very occasionally the lab has to re-run samples, which can cause delays. If a delay in receiving your results would cause stress and/or affect travel arrangements, then we recommend you book a private test. 

The lab currently operates from Monday to Friday only. If you have not received your result by midnight on Friday, and you were relying on receiving it before the weekend, you will need to book a private test in order to receive your results in time. 

If you haven’t received your result within 24 hours, please contact the testing team to let them know, and book second test with Imperial as a precautionary measure. You may also wish to book a test with a private provider, depending on your timescales. 

Supporting letter for travel 

You can request a supporting letter for travel from the Student Hub via traveldoc@imperial.ac.uk if this would be helpful for your travel plans - for example, if the name that appears in our test booking system doesn’t match the name on your passport. Please contact the Student Hub team as far in advance as possible, and please note that the team do not work over the weekend.