The roll-out of the new Banner® student information system in support of the student record will start from September 2018.

Programme set-up activity aims to provide the College with a single source of programme and module truth within Banner. As part of this workstream the Academic Model project will collate data related to the College's portfolio of education provision. Programmes will be checked and any necessary modifications will be overseen by the Programmes Committee and in line with the outcomes of the work being undertaken to develop the Academic Standards Framework for the College, before the information is put into the Banner system.

Proposed Academic Model structure

Proposed Academic Model structure

Project overview

The diagram above displays the proposed structure of the data once it has been collated for award-bearing taught programmes (other types or provision may require a different data structure).

In order to collate programme information for September 2018 go live, a task team is being formed and led by the Registry Quality Assurance team. The project team will be collating the required information from across the various sources where this is stored (including the Oracle Student System (OSS) and Programme Specifications) and will provide support to departments to collect any information that may be contained within departmental systems.

The project team is currently working with a pilot department from the Faculty of Engineering to trial and inform the data collection process. The majority of departments will be asked to engage in the programme data collection exercise between May 2017 – May 2018.    

 The Academic Model project will seek to:

  1. Capture all relevant data from across College
  2. Review the programmes data for any gaps and ensure that any necessary modifications are overseen by the Programmes Committee
  3. Prepare the data for migration to Banner® in the structure that it supports.

Impact benefits

Implementing a consistent programme data structure across the College, supported through Banner®, will allow for:

  • electronic programme specification and programme information to published from within Banner® to the College's website
  • a consistent and visible student module selection process detailing the required core modules and options available
  • visible assessment expectations leading to better student understanding of the expected workload
  • consistent timetable, transcript and handbook information
  • improved management information and reporting
  • improved transcripts
  • better decision making
  • workload transparency
  • reduction in the duplication of effort
  • process optimisations including automation of certain tasks
  • more efficient timetabling / better use of room resources
  • facilitating planning for future growth
  • the College’s ability to report timely and accurately for both regulatory and operational reports
  • improved compliance, reduction in costs and risks