This Room Booking policy, which will be supported by a new College room booking system, describes the College policy and norms for efficiently finding and booking College shared spaces. It is one of a suite of policies under development as part of wider College Space Sharing work, where the Space Policy Framework establishes the overarching principles for the management and use of College spaces, supported by an online room inventory (ICLIS). Prioritisation of spaces for College business is outlined in the Space Sharing Policy and supported by a list of acceptable uses.

Please note that College-wide consultation closed on Friday 16 June. However, ongoing feedback will be incorporated via the periodic (typically annual) improvement cycle of each policy. 

Room Booking Policy Overview


Policy Goals:

  • Provide high visibility of rooms and other shared spaces that are bookable, and transparency of usage and utilisation of those rooms and spaces
  • Provide mechanisms by which Shared Spaces can be booked, in accordance with the relative priority set out in the College Space Sharing policy
  • Establish booking windows that allow for the scheduling of Academic Mission aligned activities like Teaching, Outreach, Summer Schools, well in advance; and without unduly constraining the ability to generate income from Shared Spaces otherwise not being used
  • Provide operational clarity about how principles of space sharing apply to bookings
  • Establish clear expectations, standards and norms to guide booking of rooms and other shared spaces
  • Provide mechanisms to reinforce the surety of bookings (ie that they will not be “bumped”), including where a booked room becomes unavailable because of unforeseen events
  • Reduce the administrative effort of finding and booking shared spaces for acceptable uses

Policy Scope

  • All College shared spaces including Teaching rooms, Events spaces and Meeting rooms [1]; as defined in the College Shared Space policy
  • Requests and bookings for activities that are acceptable uses of Shared Spaces [2] as follows:
    • Requesting of rooms designated as primarily for “Teaching”
    • Requesting and booking of rooms designated as primarily for “Events”
    • Requesting and booking of rooms designated as primarily for “Meeting”
  • Student bookable breakout spaces

[1] The definitive list of shared spaces is maintained in the Imperial College Location Inventory System (ICLIS)

[2] As defined in the Space Sharing policy

Consultation Timeline

  • Presentation to the College Space Sharing Programme Board – May 2017
  • Engagement with Heads of Department and Department Operation Managers – May 2017
  • Presentation to the Room Booking Reference Group members - May 2017
  • College-wide consultation - June 2017
  • Presentation to the Provost's Board - June 2017