The Space Policy Framework aims to provide clarity on College wide policies related to Space, and a single clear point of reference for navigating specific policy areas, core principles that all Space policies must adhere to, and the overarching, College wide strategic goals related to Space. 

Policy Framework for College Space


Strategic Goals

The strategic goals of this Space Policy Framework are:

  1. Promote wide access to safe and shared spaces that support the academic mission
  2. Enable substantial student growth without detriment to student experience
  3. Alleviate, as a primary objective, the worst disparities of student and staff experience related to physical space used primarily to deliver Education
  4. Increase overall utilisation of teaching spaces, with particular emphasis on facilitating access to the most scarcely available space resources
  5. Preserve ability for Departments and Divisions to project identity on to shared rooms embedded in the space they utilise, whilst maintaining access to that space for other users
  6. Provide to all students and staff of the College visibility and suitable access to all shared spaces


 The Framework and subsidiary policies apply to all Core College Space used by the College for delivery of the Academic Mission including spaces owned by 3rd parties (e.g., NHS locations).

The spaces that are outside the remit of this policy are:

  • Non-Core Property held within the College Endowment
  • Property held by White City Campus Development designated as Non-Core

Consultation Timeline

  • Presentation of policy work overview and consultation approach to VPAGE - May 2016
  • Consultation with ICU - July-September 2016
  • Presentation to Space Programme Board - July 2016
  • Presentation to Faculty Committees - September-October 2016
  • College-wide consultation - October 2016
  • Approval by Provost's Board - November 2016


The Space Policy Framework will be reviewed in November 2017.