What is this course about?

This course has been designed as a Revision of selected topics from the first half of Year 13 in A-level Mathematics. Some of the topics covered are outlined in the section below.

What are the learning outcomes?

Algebra and Functions:

  • Show understanding of the difference between a mapping and a function
  • Use function notation
  • Calculate domain and range of a function
  • Calculate composite of functions
  • Calculate inverse functions

Sequences and Series:

  • Define a sequence by an nth term rule
  • Define a sequence by an inductive rule
  • Analyses arithmetic and geometric sequences
  • Calculate the sum of n terms of an arithmetic and a geometric sequence
  • Analyse series using the sigma notation
  • Calculate binomial expansions for positive integer n
  • Calculate general binomial expansions
  • Analyse properties of sequences


  • Use radian measure
  • Use small angle approximations to circular functions
  • Calculate using circular functions of the general angle
  • Calculate using the reciprocal trigonometric functions
  • Calculate using the inverse trigonometric functions
  • Use addition and double angle formulae
  • Use trigonometric identities

Numerical Methods:

  • Use the trapezium rule
  • Carry out numerical solution of equations using bisection and similar methods
  • Use the Newton-Raphson method
  • Use fixed point iteration

Who is this course aimed at?

This module is relevant for all students studying any STEM subject, particularly those looking to consolidate their existing Maths knowledge.

How will this course be delivered?

This is an asynchronous module and will be delivered online, via the EdX platform. The course will be available in December and it can be accessed from the links to courses tab of your Microsoft Teams space.

How much time will the course take up?

The course is designed to take up roughly 2-4 hours per week of your time.