Chemical Kitchen, a part of the Imperial College London Pedagogy Transformation Project, is an original, interdisciplinary practical course that introduces students to the mindset and fundamental skills needed in a laboratory setting through a non-threatening parallel of cooking. It aims to teach practical laboratory skills, planning, creativity, safe working, precision, dexterity, making and recording observations, and the application of knowledge.

It was created as a collaboration between Professor Roger Kneebone (Imperial), Professor Alan Spivey (Imperial) and chef Jozef Youssef (Kitchen Theory).

In the following video, they discuss how they came up with the idea and what it encompasses.


Roger Kneebone, Alan Spivey and Jozef Youssef discuss how they came up with the Chemistry Kitchen and what it encompasses.

The initial rollout of the Chemical Kitchen programme is aimed at 1st year Chemistry students. The course was developed by Luke Delmas and Jakub Radzikowski together with Student Shapers for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Learn more about what is involved in the three day course in the video below:


Learn more about the concept behind the course and what has been prepared for the students.