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Who we are

We are a unique and experienced team specialising in STEMM communication.

Who we work with

We work with all Imperial College London academic staff and students, whether or not English is their first language. Our provision is extensive and ranges from responding to the STEMM communication needs of first-year undergraduates to supporting the research output of senior faculty members. We also work with external organisations, providing intensive courses and workshops tailored to their specific requirements.

What we do

We run a comprehensive range of courses, workshops and 1:1 consultations focussing on:

  • Academic communication, e.g. clear and coherent writing, effective and engaging presentations, grammar for writing
  • Course requirements and assignments, e.g. lab reports, literature reviews, thesis write-up
  • Engagement with the external community, e.g. papers for publication, conference presentations
  • Research and impact, e.g. REF submissions, grant proposals

What we offer