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Join our lively classes to upgrade your English and widen your social and professional network

English for academic staff and visiting PhD students

Term dates 2017-18

Autumn term
Block A:  16 Oct-10 Nov 
Block B:  13 Nov-8 Dec 
Spring term 
Block A:  22 Jan-16 Feb
Block B:  19 Feb-16 Mar
Summer term
Block A:  30 April-25 May
Block B:  28 May-22 Jun

We aim to help you with both your academic and social English, enabling you to become a more confident and linguistically competent member of the academic community. You will be given the opportunity to share your knowledge and experience, and expand your professional and social networks, through meeting other academic staff from a diverse range of fields.

Our courses are specifically designed to meet the needs of Imperial members carrying out research in science, engineering and medicine:

We now also offer a number of workshops at the Hammersmith Campus for academic staff and visiting PhD students/researchers who are based there.

Business School members: Please contact the Business School directly about in-sessional English language support.

Registration for the Summer term is now open.

Courses for academic staff

General English

We offer two General English courses, which focus on different aspects of improving your English, and one short Writing course.

If numbers permit, you can sign up to more than one course.

General English: Accuracy will help you develop your understanding of grammar and vocabulary use. Each week you will study a written or spoken text in detail, analysing its various grammatical and lexical aspects; there will be short exercises to practise what is learnt. The aim is to extend your knowledge of the workings of the language beyond an upper-intermediate level. 

This course runs throughout the year and can be begun at any point.

General English: Fluency will help you improve your ability to communicate orally by providing extensive speaking practice. Each week you will be introduced to a new topic, with vocabulary, reading and listening exercises, and then encouraged to debate or discuss the issue with your colleagues in the class. The aim is to increase your confidence in speaking English in an academic environment.

This course runs throughout the year and can be begun at any point.

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Fundamentals of Academic Writing

The Fundamentals of Academic Writing course provides an introduction to key aspects of academic writing. You will learn to identify the conventional formalities of technical English and how to better control your grammar and vocabulary when writing up your research. Each week you will put into practice what you learn by completing a short writing task.

This is a stand-alone course which runs for 4 weeks.  

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Effective Presentations

The Effective Presentations course will help you to become a clearer, more confident and better presenter. Sessions will focus on different elements of successful presentations such as the use of the voice, rhythm and linking, judging your audience and preparing effective slides/posters. This is a practical course: each week you will have the opportunity to practise your skills in front of your colleagues, either giving a solo presentation or responding to questions about a poster.

 This stand-alone course runs for 4 weeks.

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