CAE course students

Broaden your range of vocabulary and grammar, and attain a higher degree of flexibility and fluency

CAE course dates 2017-18

CAE course entry tests
Wed 04 Oct 2017/Wed 11 Oct 2017
Autumn term
18 Oct-13 Dec 2017
Spring term
24 Jan-21 Mar 2018
Course fee: £215


Registration for the 2017-18 CAE course entry tests is now closed.

Our 18-week CAE course will not only prepare you for and improve your chances of success in the exam, but also help you broaden your vocabulary range and grammatical knowledge and enhance your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

As you improve your general English on this course, you will also gain a better understanding of how to use formal and informal language effectively in a wide range of contexts, and so be able to use your English more confidently, more effectively and more fluently for various social, professional, and study purposes.

As with all of our courses and workshops, this course is only available to Imperial College London students and staff members.

NB: All students/staff are required to pass a short entry test before being offered a place on this course. Please note this course will only run with a minimum of 18 students2017-18 course fee: £215

Full payment for the course will be required before the course start date, for those that pass the entry test.

Registration for the 2017 CAE course entry tests is now closed.


2017-18 Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course  

DayDate TimeDetailsDuration
 Wed  4 Oct 2017  17.00-17.50
 Course entry test
 (now closed)
 50 min test
 Wed  11 Oct 2017  17.00-17.50  Course entry test
 (now closed)
 50 min test
 Wed  18 Oct-13 Dec 2017  17.00-19.00  CAE course - autumn term (part 1)  9 weeks
 Wed  24 Jan-21 Mar 2018  17.00-19.00  CAE course - spring term (part 2)  9 weeks