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Revise and extend your grammar in our one-hour workshops to help you write effective academic texts

If you are interested in the common linguistic features of science writing or if certain key areas of grammar cause you difficulty, you may benefit from one or more of our one-hour Writing Mechanics workshops. Explanations and short preliminary exercises are available to students before the session. During the session, we briefly check understanding and correct the exercises, and then concentrate on how the area of grammar is used by discussing examples from academic and technical texts.

A description of each workshop can be found here.

Open three terms a year to all postgraduate students and visiting academic staff, the Writing Mechanics workshops are usually held at South Kensington every autumn, spring and summer term (see below for timetable and to register). They are also open to undergraduates in the spring and summer terms. 

We now also offer Writing Mechanics workshops at the Hammersmith Campus for students and academic staff who are based there.

Registration for spring term Writing Mechanics workshops is now open.

2017-18 Writing Mechanics Workshops

Autumn term Writing Mechanics workshops

DayTimeCourse title
 Wed 25 Oct  14.00-15.00  a or the? Using articles 
 Wed 1 Nov  14.00-15.00  can or could? Using modal verbs
 Wed 8 Nov  14.00-15.00  that or which? Using relative clauses
 Wed 15 Nov  14.00-15.00  did or was done? Using the passive
 Wed 22 Nov  14.00-15.00  comma or hyphen? Using punctuation
 Wed 29 Nov  14.00-15.00  do, did or done? Using tenses
 Wed 6 Dec  14.00-15.00  by or with? Using prepositions

Registration is only open to postgraduates and academic staff in the autumn term.

Registration for autumn term is now closed.

A description of each workshop can be found here.

REGISTER HERE for autumn term South Kensington campus Writing Mechanics workshops.

Spring term Writing Mechanics workshops

 Registration for Block A spring term is now open.

Wed 31 Jan  14.00-15.00    a or the? Using articles
Wed 7 Feb  14.00-15.00    can or could? Using relative verbs
Wed 14 Feb  14.00-15.00    that or which? Using relatives clauses
Wed 21 Feb  14.00-15.00    did or was done Using the passive
Wed 28 Feb  14.00-15.00    comma or hyphen? Using punctuation accurately
Wed 7 Mar  14.00-15.00    do, did or done? Using tenses accurately
Wed 14 Mar  14.00-15.00    by or with? Using prepositions
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REGISTER HERE for spring term South Kensington campus Writing Mechanics workshops.
Registration for Block A spring term is now open.

Summer term Writing Mechanics workshops

Summer term timetable TBC