Academics in discussion

Through the Academic Strategy, we will identify new College-level priorities and opportunities that we are uniquely placed to exploit. These may include new programmes, centres or research focus; investing in people, space and infrastructure; building new partnerships and communities; or responding to external challenges. We will work across our faculties, departments and Global Challenge Institutes to identify key actions that will help our community to drive this agenda. 

Over the next few years, we will implement a number of these projects through investment of people, time, space and money. As well as investing the College’s resources, we will also build partnerships and engage our external stakeholders to help us deliver our priorities and achieve our ambition.

We will also continue to invest in our fundamental science and core disciplines, and departments and faculties will continue to have responsibility for maintaining excellence in these areas. This approach is critical for our future, because without these strengths we cannot capitalise on our immediate opportunities – or on the unknown opportunities of the future. Together we will build on our strengths by identifying and enabling opportunities that reach across the College.

Selecting our strategic priorities

In September 2019, Provost’s Board began the Academic Strategy prioritisation process to assess and progress proposals through a 3 stage gateway process. 

One of the first priorities selected through this process is to launch a transformational cross-disciplinary programme in research, education and innovation that will help society: ‘Transition to Zero Pollution’ [Find out more about the Transition to Zero Pollution project].

Gateway meetings to review proposals will take place twice a year in June and December. The next Gateway meeting will take place on Monday 29 June and the deadline for proposals is Friday 12 June. 

For more information on the prioritisation process and deadlines, get in touch at