Engaging with business requirements and emerging market trends to inform the assembly of a service roadmap, Service Line Managers oversee services grouped into four service line categories.

The four service line categories


Education Service Line Manager: Mike Horner

Education services include:

  • E-learning;
  • audio visual services;
  • timetabling;
  • surveys and feedback;
  • course management;
  • student information.


Research Service Line Manager: Richard Favell

Research services include:

  • research proposal and grants management;
  • research publications;
  • intellectual property management.

Business support

Business Support Service Line Manager: Lorraine Templeton-Cross

Business support services include:

  • HR and finance management;
  • Purchasing;
  • customer relationship management;
  • business intelligence;
  • collaboration and content management;
  • space management.


Infrastructure Service Line Manager: Kevin Thomas

Infrastructure services include:

  • networks;
  • email;
  • security;
  • instant messaging;
  • desktop and laptop computers;
  • telephones;
  • printing.