The Project Delivery and Development team provide comprehensive end-to-end support for College initiatives to integrate information technology into teaching, research and support services.

The team includes:

  • Business Analysts who carry out analysis of requirements and processes, structure information and design efficient information systems.
  • Developers to build or customise information systems to the required specifications.
  • Project, Portfolio and Programme Managers to manage reliable delivery of projects for Education, Research, Business Support and Infrastructure Service Lines with involvement of College representatives, staff and students.
  • The Project Support Office (PSO) who provide day to day support and assist with the implementation of agreed standards for running projects.

We currently have 52 projects in delivery. 

Project Online screen shot of ICL projects

These are some of the key projects being managed by ICT at Imperial College London.

ICT provision of Salesforce Support Model

Salesforce is a powerful cloud-based Customer Relationship Management platform which can be used for service, marketing, sales and case management. Imperial Enterprise and the Business School have an established Salesforce platform which has been managed in partnership for some years; the purpose of this project is to bring the Salesforce platform under central management within ICT, establishing robust governance and support to maximise the value of the platform to current users with the potential to roll out to new units.

For more information about this project please contact Georgia Bergson, Project Manager

Print Service Tender and Reimplementation

Project objective is to re-new the contract for touch-card print service and re-implement it as a fully Managed Print Service. It would help to scale the service as needed and consolidate printing done on personal and workgroup printers into the centrally managed service. In cooperation with the new partner we aim to improve general availability of the service, make it easier to use and reduce College printing and photocopying costs.

To facilitate this we are also looking at creating better metrics and reports to inform plans to replace paper-based processes with digital alternatives, where feasible, and introduce College print policy which will govern future changes to the service.  If you have any questions about the project then please view our changes to College printing pages or contact Alex Yakimov, Project Manager.

Assistive Technology Service Enhancements

The College ​​should treat all of our students equally and ensure that we create and support an inclusive learning culture which enables students to achieve their full potential. One way of achieving this is to enhance the existing Assistive Technology provision to bring it into line with sector best practice and operational excellence.

In conjunction with the Disability Advisory Service a review of the existing Assistive Technology provision has been undertaken and an agreement reached that the college's assistive technology offer requires enhancement. This project seeks to deliver these enhancements in a manner which will provide an enduring support model beyond the end of this project.  A programme of workshops for staff and students will be developed to ensure the technology is fully exploited.  For further information about this project, please contact Judy Asenguah, Project Manager.

Service Management Programme

Service Management is a vital part of providing effective customer facing services. The Service Managementprogramme currently consists of a set of 6 projects to provide unified processes utilised across departments, provide an exciting shopping cart experience for users as well as having a common platform for logging of incidents and requests. For more information about this programme please contact Rotimi Nelson, Project Manager.

1. Service Management Process Review and Re-implementation

This project is to review and revisit the existing core ICT service management processes such as Request Fulfilment (service requests), Incident Management, Major Incident Management, Problem Management and Release Management. Delivering a clear process map and a process & procedure document for each process. These documents would be instrumental in the design phase of the new ServiceNow Environment.

2. Creation of Service Catalogue

A service catalogue comprising of a product catalogue, business service catalogue and IT Service Catalogue. These catalogue items are based on ICT categories on the website and will form the basis for the new ServiceNow Environment.

3. Implement HP uCMDB

Implementation of the HP uCMDB service which includes the installation and configuration of HP uCMDB, including the discovery and dependency mapping functionality. This allows us to easily map our business services (e.g. Financial Management Information Services) to the infrastructure items (servers, databases) that support it. Requests made in ServiceNow (ASK) can easily be linked to all affected services, servers, databases, etc.

4. ServiceNow Re-implementation

The re-implementation of ServiceNow to allow the College to deliver a robust platform that supports seamless College-wide service management initiatives. Single set of ticket types for all stakeholders.

5. SATOM Support and Implementation (TBC)

This project will provide a ServiceNow management platform to support the implementation of the Student Administration Operating Model (SATOM). The initial phase will be limited to those services delivered by ICT, Registry and Student HUB. Later phases will extend to other central service student admin functions e.g. outreach, advancement etc. and will be dealt with as a separate project.

6 - ServiceNow Enhancement Project

This project will deliver new modules within ServiceNow that will enable the implementation standard processes and procedures to provide a single service platform for “Release Management”, “Test Management”and “Resource Management”. The list of features approved for this project will be determined by the project board prior to brief creation.

College-wide Room Booking System

A College-wide, self-service room booking system was recommended as part of the original College Space Sharing Programme diagnostic work in June 2015, recognising a need across the College to simplify administration and eliminate unnecessary effort and duplication, as well as an opportunity to design a room booking function that would make best use of bookable estate for all areas of College business. 

This project will approach the implementation of Planon’s room booking functionality in phases, initially focussing on the booking of meeting rooms and the storage and display of supporting room information currently stored in ICLIS. Subsequent phases will investigate how Planon can display availability of rooms bookable in the system alongside those booked through other core systems and ultimately provide a single booking mechanism.  This should provide a more unified experience for people looking to book space, saving time and providing a single source of truth for shared space which will enable cross-College management and planning. For more information about this project please contact Andrew Bottomley, Project Manager.

Pre-Award Research Management System (PARMS) Replacement

Research Office and ICT are working on replacing the current pre-award system, InfoEd, as it is a legacy system reliant on old platforms and is becoming increasingly difficult to support. This application currently facilitates over £1.6 billion worth of grant and contract applications so ensuring this service is available in its best form going forward is essential. We are moving to a Software as a Service option provided by Worktribe which should provide the College with a future- proofed module to build the future of our research management applications.  For more information about this project please contact Karuna Andrews, Project Manager.

Digital Awareness Office 365 Features and Training

Following the successful deployment of mailboxes for both students and staff onto Office 365 there are many more features and tools available in Office 365 which we should encourage our community to use.

Beyond the use of core mailbox and calendaring features, Office 365 provides tools and applications to enhance and facilitate collaboration between and across teams and functional areas. In order to ensure that staff and students are fully appraised of the features and tools available we wish to provide a set of targeted communications and training and development opportunities to assist the community to make the greatest use of the suite.

The project will provide a communications campaign building on the use of mailboxes and delivering information and training on how to utilise more of the tools and features available in Office 365.

The key objectives are to increase the use of Office 365 tools and to promote greater digital skills and awareness. This ties with ICT’s strategic aims to increase digital skills and transformation and facilitate greater community collaboration.  For more information about this project please contact Shaun Kent, Project Manager.