These are some of the flagship projects and initiatives currently owned and managed by ICT at Imperial College London.

Student information & analytics

Analytics and project delivery experts from the Transformation Office and ICT are collaborating with stakeholders from across College, the Higher Education sector and IT industry experts to design the most effective and efficient processes relating to reporting, planning and business intelligence, including the introduction of an improved Student Information System.

Sustainability and green IT

Better sleep reduces carbon emissions

Following the roll out of the Sleep button and the introduction of auto-sleep, the amount of College computers switched off or put to sleep overnight reached an all time high of almost 90%.

Energy efficient computing

Our desktop renewal process deploys increasingly more efficient PCs across College. Total energy savings over one year amounted to nearly 175MWh as a result of PC replacement.

Green Code of Conduct for the Data Centre

A project run jointly by Estates and ICT delivered cold aisle containment, free cooling and energy efficient lighting for the Data Centre, using nearly 12% less power to support (e.g. cooling, lighting etc.) every unit of computing power in 2013. These results were achieved by signing up to and implementing the European Union Code of Conduct for Data Centres best practice guidelines. As a result, Imperial was officially recognised as a participant of the Code.

Upgraded storage equipment

A move from the DS5300 to Storwize V7000 storage reduced power consumption for disk storage by almost 40% and occupied less than 50% of the original physical space.

High density cooling

Chilled water rear cabinet doors efficiently capture heat from high density compute nodes and can be run from the return chilled water supply in a range of 17-22 degrees instead of the more typical 6-10 degree range.

Server virtulisation

Use of virtualisation continues to reduce the environmental impact and cost of computing with virtual servers representing 64% of our server estate. Total energy savings per annum have reacher 697 MWh.