ASK is now live

To track your old requests, you can visit the old departmental ASK websites using the following links: 

Please read the FAQ section below for access to all original ASK departmental websites to track your old requests. These websites will be accessible until 14 June 2018 when they will be discontinued. 

To create a new request, please use the new ASK website.

Download our ASK User Guide May 2018 [pdf]

From Monday 14 May 2018, if staff or students have a request for departments such as Human Resources, Finance, Library Services, the Student Hub or ICT, they will be able to access these services from one central ASK website.

The new ASK website looks slightly different, but much of the functionality is familiar. Staff and students will be able to find the new ASK website through links on from the department’s pages on the main College website or ASK emails. It will also still be possible to make requests from administrative services outside of the ASK website, for example the ICT helpline and Service Desk in the Central Library. 

As with most complex IT projects, there were some initial issues with ASK. One fairly significant issue which was quickly resolved by ICT, was with email management. In certain circumstances customer emails were getting lost and in other cases customers were receiving too many emails. We apologise to those customers who were impacted by this, the issue was resolved as quickly as possible and the emails are now working as designed.

In addition, there were a few workflow issues and some individual permissions issues, the vast majority of which were resolved in a short timeframe. We continue to monitor, and to address issues as they are reported.

Your feedback will continue to be very important to us and should you wish to share your experiences of ASK and the proposed changes please contact the ICT ASK project team.

What are the benefits?

The launch of a single website will allow the College to make future improvements to our service delivery and is part of a project which is seeking to deliver more efficient administrative services. 

Moving away from multiple ASK websites to a single website will benefit staff and students as they will be able to manage all service requests through one website which makes complex administrative requests easier to manage and quicker to resolve. For example, staff going on parental leave or a student pausing their studies will only need to make one service request, which will then be picked up by the relevant administrative teams.

In addition, staff and students will be able to monitor the progress of their requests online through one single ASK website.


What will happen to requests which are currently in progress in the old ASK website when the new ASK website launches?

Open or unresolved requests created in the old ASK system before the new ASK website is launched on Monday 14 May 2018, will continue to be dealt with by the same department as before – you do not need to do anything.

 Departments will either:

  • Move your open tickets from the old system to the new ASK system. This will generate a new ticket reference number, and you will be able to access your request on the new ASK website.
  • Use the old system to resolve your open request. This will keep the same ticket reference number, but you will receive updates from a different email address.

How do I access the new ASK website?

You will be able to access the ASK website in exactly the same way, from links on from the department’s pages on the main College website or ASK emails. If you have bookmarked the old ASK website on your browser, you should update this to the new URL after the new site has launched.

How will the new ASK website differ when making a request?

The new ASK homepage has been updated to include a search bar which can be used to look up previous popular requests. Begin typing your request into this search bar to produce results.

When you select ‘make a request’ all service request forms for all the departments will be presented in one location.

Which College departments can be contacted through the new ASK website?

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information and Communications Technologies (ICT)
  • Library Services
  • The Student Hub
  • Sport Imperial
  • Department of Earth Science
  • Department of Engineering
  • Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Department of Bioengineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • School of Public Health (Imperial Clinical Trials Unit)
  • Medical Research Council

Is training available?

The new ASK website has been designed to be easy to use and we expect that most staff and students will not require training. For a brief tutorial please download our ASK User Guide May 2018

How do I access departmental ASK websites to track old requests after 14 May 2018?

You will be able to track previous requests raised before May 14 by viewing a read only version of the original departmental ASK websites, these can be accessed from the following links:

How do I access a specific form related to my query?

From the new ASK website homepage you can type your query in the main search bar which will produce results related to your query. You can also select ‘Make a request’ and filter your query by department.

If you cannot find a form related to your query please submit a 'Generic request’ form and include as much information as possible.  

How do I find my departmental telecoms contact?

Please continue to access telecoms contacts from the original ASK ICT website.

If you are an imperial staff member who uses ASK to answer customer queries, please view our ASK (ServiceNow) re-implementation project pages for more detailed information relating to the system. Please note these pages are only accessible to Imperial staff members.