Project Manager - Georgia Bergson

ICT's SharePoint Online migration project aims to migrate all current SharePoint content from the on premise SharePoint 2010 environment to SharePoint Online.

SharePoint is a platform used across College, so there is a need to ensure it continues to be a reliable, resilient and scalable platform. Due to its size and the age of its infrastructure, College's SharePoint 2010 environment is unable to support growing requirements.

ICT has commenced a project to support SharePoint site owners across College in migrating SharePoint sites from the current 2010 platform, to SharePoint Online.

Find out more about SharePoint Online at ICT’s webpage

Migration process

Migration is a three-stage process:

Sharepoint migration

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I do about sensitive data?

It is essential to protect personal and sensitive data held on College Systems.

For the governance of this migration project, ICT advise that site owners should note that:

  • Patient-identifiable data and payment card data should never be stored on SharePoint.
  • For all other types of data it is considered safe to migrate the data into SharePoint online as part of this project.

NOTE: The College is currently planning towards the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These regulations will come into force from May 2018. SharePoint site owners may be contacted in due course with advice on further action required to prepare for GDPR. For more information please visit:

Where is my data stored?

Data stored on the Imperial SharePoint sites is stored within the EU, in data centres in Ireland and the Netherlands.

What resource will be needed?

No resource is needed to migrate content, just a representative to check content after migration.

What support is available?

A migration consultant is on hand to fix any issues whilst migrating and there are administrators to assist with queries.

When will our site be migrated?

The site owner will be contacted in due course by a SharePoint Migration contact.

How do I log in to SharePoint Online via Office 365?

Your login is in the format of along with your current College password.

Can I map my SharePoint Online site as a network drive so I can use Explorer?

Yes you can, just follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to the SharePoint Online site in Internet Explorer by using your Office 365 credentials. Make sure that you click to select the Keep me signed in check box
  2. Right-click Computer or This PC from the Desktop or within Windows Explorer, and then click Map Network Drive
  3. Click the Connect to a Web site that you can store your documents and pictures link, and then click Next twice
  4. Type the site URL, click Next, and then follow the instructions in the wizard. For example, type

Note: After you map a network drive to SharePoint Online, you must occasionally connect to the SharePoint Online site through Internet Explorer and select the option to Keep me signed-in. This prevents the session used by the mapped network drive from expiring. A mapped network drive that’s connected to SharePoint Online is only supported when these steps are performed within Internet Explorer.

I have a MySites; will this be migrated?

My Sites as implemented in SharePoint so far have included features that allow publication of a profile page, storing files in a private area and limited organisation browsing. As part of our move to the more advanced functionality of Office 365 we now have access to updated features.

My Site websites are personal sites that provide users in the organization with a rich set of social networking and document management features. These features include a Newsfeed site where site users can interact and a OneDrive for Business site for storing and sharing business documents, photos, and other media files. We will be enabling newsfeed user activity, and let users manage links of confidential information. It also includes a Sites page for saving useful websites, and a profile page where users can introduce themselves to others in their organization.

As a consequence of the move the file storage in current MySites will disappear and files that users want to retain will have to be moved to OneDrive for Business folders. Project Manager Georgia Bergson will be in touch with all owners to advise them of next steps.

For queries relating to FONS, FOE, Cross Faculty, Support Services, the Business School see the contacts below:

Faculty of Natural Sciences: Charmian Alvares or Ozan Cakir
Faculty of Engineering: Anu Mukherjee
Faculty of Medicine: Des Samuel
Cross Faculty: James Hill
Support Services: Stuart Kerr
For any other project queries please contact: Georgia Bergson