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More about the Target Operating Model

The Mission of Enterprise Architecture is to make strategies more actionable, and project engagements more scalable to enable College to deliver its business capabilities and long-term ambitions.

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the description, planning, and design of an organization, including its operations, information, systems, and technologies.  Through a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise, EA identifies opportunities to:

  • Reduce complexity;
  • Design the desired future state of the organization;
  • Create plans for the execution of strategic directions.

The Enterprise Architecture of the College will apply to all technology, solution, information and business initiatives within the organisation.

Our Aims

  • Describe a framework within which the organisation, processes and technology can be developed for the future.
  • Identify the capabilities which make us unique as a College and distinguish us from our competitors so that we can ensure that investment is prioritised wisely.
  • Develop the successful themes of the autonomy of departments, centralisation and standardisation where needed, and making best use of our people, locations, and spaces.


  • Deliver a more unified operating model where all appropriate processes are both replicable (standardised) and can exchange data (integrated).
  • Achieve economies arising from the harmonisation of processes and ensuring technologies work together.
  • Increase the speed of College decision-making and the implementation of those decisions to better leverage significant College investments across all channels and operations.
  • Align IT investments with long-term strategy.
  • Reduce technology lifecycle risk.
  • Enable the rapid delivery of adaptive solutions and high-quality information.