What are they?

Some non-browser applications such as the Gmail app or the mail app on the Apple iPad won’t allow you to use your phone for secondary authentication.  App passwords allow you to continue using your apps to manage your emails when MFA has been enabled

Where would you need them?

The app password is used in place of your normal College password in the account setting of your app.  You can use different app passwords for different applications, so you could have one for the Outlook app on your mobile phone and a different app password for Skype for Business on your tablet.

How do you set up/manage app passwords?

  1. Sign in to https://imperial.ac.uk/office365
  2. Choose Settings > Office 365.
  3. Choose Security & Privacy > Additional security verification.

security4. Choose Update my phone numbers used for account security. This will display the following page:

additonal security info

5. At the top of the page, choose App Passwords.
6. Choose create to get an app password.
7. If prompted, type a name for your app password, and click Next.
8. Choose copy password to clipboard. You won't need to memorize this password.

app password

Tip: If you create another app password, you'll be prompted to name it. For example, you might name it "Outlook."

9. Go to the app that you want to connect to your Office 365 account. When prompted to enter a password, paste the app password in the box.


What if I lose my phone?

Please contact the Service Desk.  You can also set up a second device in case this happens.

Do I have to use MFA each time I logon?

No.  When you first logon you will see a tick box allowing you to choose to provide your secondary credentials again in 14 days