Keeping personal or sensitive data secure should be a top priority when considering how to share information and setting up collaborative systems. Imperial College London and, importantly, you have legal, ethical and moral obligations when handling and/or setting up systems to host or share sensitive data.

Make sure to encrypt any sensitive files before storing or sharing. Find out more at: Encrypt sensitive information


If you would like guidance, contact the ICT Security team via the ICT Service Desk.

Options for sharing sensitive information

Setting up secure shared space

Group/research storage space can be provisioned on College's secure central servers, to be accessed by those with permissions only.

Read the File storage section.

Sharing and collaboration systems

Keeping personal or sensitive data secure should be a priority when considering options to share information and set up collaboration systems. Any data that is considered to be sensitive should be protected by encryption.

Read the Sharing and collaboration section.

Sending sensitive information via email

Emails can go astray and email accounts can have shared access, so email is not a secure way to share sensitive information.  Many email systems do not allow encrypted files because they cannot be searched by the email service for viruses.

Find out about encrypting emails at: Encrypt emails (digital signature)

File Exchange

We provide a file sharing application, called File Exchange, that allows you to share large files or file types that are often blocked (executables) with recipients both in and outside of College.

If you wish to share sensitive information, a further layer protection needs to be added to ensure the data isn't intercepted.  The easiest method is to encrypt the file with 7-Zip and then to telephone the intended recepient with the password.

Find out more about File Exchange.