Information Insight in ICT provides a wide range of support for implementing and using specialist business analytics and management information tools to help you make best use of your College information. 

As a decision maker or member of support staff, you need quick answers to a variety of questions. ICT’s business intelligence experts can help you with tools and services to assist with varied aspects of reporting, from strategy setting, through to operational monitoring.

What are the business analytics services in ICT?

Business analytics advice in ICT is offered through Information Insight, a team of end user business analytics experts.

Information Insight can help areas of the College build their analytic resources. The preferred model is to work collaboratively with College customers to deliver analytic tools which they can maintain themselves and develop as new needs arise.  Information Insight can provide greater or lesser support for areas of the College in developing analytic resources as required. 

ICT support for existing business analytics can be accessed via the ICT Service Desk.

What support can I access?

You can contact Information Insight for advice as soon as you start thinking about enhancing your business analytics. They will be able to advise on a range of subjects, including:

  • How do I go about setting up business analytics in my area?
  • Which tool/s should I use?
  • How do I understand what users really need?
  • How do I ensure my analytics meet those needs?
  • How do I automate data processing?

Beyond advice, there is support available for implementing business analytics through College supported tools. This includes project management, requirements gathering, data modelling and building of dashboards and reports.

For analytics already in place within supported systems, Information Insight can help you develop these further. ICT’s support teams can provide technical support on both ICT supported systems of record and the business analytics tools. Requests for support of this kind should go through the ICT Service Desk.

Information Insight support super-users within the College and can also advise on training relating to the supported tools.

Who can access this support?

All Imperial staff can access ICT support. Access to specific tools and existing data sets is controlled based on your role and will need to be requested. This is to ensure strong information security and governance requirements can be met.

Who can I contact?

Who can I contact?