Imperial College Analytics

Missing headers in Internet Explorer 7

Some users have reported that they lose the headers (such as Dashboard) when using the web browser Internet Explorer 7, meaning that they cannot access their reports. This is a caching issue in Internet Explorer and you can solve this problem by following these steps:

  • Press the F12 button on your keyboard to display the IE Developer Tools window.
  • Select Cache and then Clear browser cache from the menu.

Problems exporting ICA data to Microsoft Excel 2007+

Within ICA you have the option to export your data to Microsoft Excel 2007. However, when exporting to this format the date fields are not recognised as dates. As a result, it is not possible to sort these columns without modifying the data in Excel.

You can export the data to Excel 2003 if you wish to sort using the date field in Excel. This file can then be saved as an *.xlsx file later if required.

Sorting options in Excel

  • When sorting, Excel 2007+ only gives the option of A-Z.
  • When sorting, Excel 2003 gives the option of oldest to newest.

Why does ICA reject my password?

ICA can only support alpha-numeric passwords with basic punctuation. If you are unable to login to ICA, it may be because your password contains one or more unsupported characters. Try changing your password to resolve the issue.

It is possible to meet the criteria for our password security requirements without using unsupported characters.

Microsoft Power BI

How does publishing data to the Microsoft Power BI Service affect Intellectual Property?

IP is unchanged by use of Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft does not appropriate the IP of any content uploaded to its services, and this is enshrined in our contract with them. Users should apply the same cautions to sharing data via Power BI as they would apply with any other platform.

How secure is my data in Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is an ISO27001 accredited product, meaning it is compliant with internationally agreed information governance standards. There are ample settings to ensure access to data is restricted only to those who need access to it. Additionally, users are encouraged to limit the use of personal identifiable data in any data sets they produce to only vital information. All users, including end users, are required to confirm they have undertaken College information governance training before being given access.

I am a student. Can I get access to Microsoft Power BI to use on my project?

Microsoft Power BI is not being enabled for students at this time.