I am leaving Imperial College London and require a refund

If you are leaving Imperial College London you may be eligible to receive a print credit refund.

Refunds are only given if:

  • You have more than £10 of printing credit left when you leave.
  • You added the credit yourself, either by card or cash. Printing allowances added by departments are non-refundable.
  • Only transactions from the previous 24 months are applicable for a refund.

You will need to fill in the information on a refund form, including your full postal address and bank details, and return it to the ICT Service Desk to receive a print credit refund. To get a form, contact the ICT Service Desk in person or by logging a web request.

The refund process takes the Finance Department approximately three weeks to complete. Our financial regulations require that refund claims are settled via BACS transfer to a bank account.

An error occurred during my print job and I require a refund

If an error occurred while you were printing and you believe that you are entitled to a print credit refund, contact the ICT Service Desk.