You can send documents from your mobile device (laptop, smartphone, tablet) to any College touch card printer by emailing

Use this method if you wish to print an email and attachments or are sending documents from a mobile device that cannot use the web method (Mobile Printing portal) i.e. iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets. View a list of the document types that can be printed this way.

Which email address should I use?

You can send an email from any email address to this service, however, College email addresses are automatically registered to use this service.

The first time you send a job from an external email address you will be asked to register that address to your College account. Simply follow the instructions in the email to register your email address with your account. You will not be asked to register every time you use that email address to send jobs to the printer via this method.


  1. Email the documents you wish to print to
  2. Go to a touch card printer.
  3. Tap your College ID card to login.
  4. Select Pull Print.
  5. Choose the document you wish to print and tap Print.
  6. Collect your document and press Sign Out.