There are a number of touch card printers on campus and you can print to any of them, depending on the location of the printer and the access restrictions on your College ID card. If you experience any problems when using the printers, browse the FAQ: Printing or contact the ICT Service Desk.

Connect your computer to a touch card printer

To connect your computer to the touch card printers, follow these instructions:

Send a document to a touch card printer

  1. Click Print in your application.
  2. Select from mono (black and white) or colour printing.
  3. Choose from single or double-sided. You can choose the number of copies at the printer.
  4. Go to the nearest touch card printer and tap your College ID card.
  5. Select Pull documents.
  6. Select the documents you wish to print, and press Print.
  7. Press Sign out.
  8. Retrieve your documents.