Windows 10

ICT now supports Windows 10. More information can be found here.

We provide support for the purchase, set up and renewal of College's computing hardware and software. HP Direct (part of Hewlett-Packard) is our preferred supplier of computer equipment, selected based on a competitive tender renewable every four years. All College's standard equipment is sourced from HP Direct at significantly discounted prices (see Purchase hardware from a departmental or research budget) with all systems built to College's standard specification.

Additional specialist software can be purchased via our Software Shop. If you have any questions about hardware or software, contact ICT's Procurement and Purchasing team via ICT's Service Desk.

Under the Desktop renewal programme, members of staff involved in academic and administrative tasks (you must be at least 20% HEFCE funded) is eligible to receive a new desktop PC system every five years. Technical staff are also covered by this scheme. Departmental teaching machines are replaced over a four year cycle.

Machines used by Research Assistants and Postgraduate Research (PhD) students are not included in this programme and should be provisioned via research funding. If you have any questions about renewal, contact ICT's Procurement and Purchasing team via ICT's Service Desk.