These pages will be updated with FAQs and helpful hints as the project progresses. ICT is currently piloting the “wipe and upgrade” method with some early adopters and will continue to improve and adapt according to feedback.

Installation support

ICT Deskside Support and the Service Desk will be on hand to help staff members with the move to Windows 10. There will also be floor walkers located at key buildings throughout the project. More detailed support procedures will be provided in the upgrade email which will be sent to staff as and when their department is required to upgrade to Windows 10.

Using Windows 10

If you need help using Windows 10, check the Microsoft Windows 10 Help Centre or watch the videos from the Windows 10 Essential Training course on LinkedIn Learning for step-by-step guides of the features in Windows 10. 


How do I reinstall my software after updating to Windows 10?

The Windows 10 project team encourage you to discuss software requirements with a Windows 10 engineer prior to upgrading your computer. During the upgrade your software will be removed from your computer and will have to be reinstalled. The exact method that you use for reinstallation will depend on what software you have and the license.

Some software will be available for download from the Software Centre or the Software Hub. If you have paid for software then please contact the Windows 10 project team or the ICT Service Desk and they can discuss in detail what options you have.

Please note that in some cases you may be required to buy new software. This is because your original software has a one time license key or may have been inherited from a previous user.