Please note

It takes between four and six hours for any changes you make to mailing lists to go live. This includes creating and deleting a list and editing its members.

Manage a Distribution List online

If you're off the college network you can manage a Distribution List online.

We offer three tools for creating and managing distribution or mailing lists: Exchange distribution lists and Mailman mailing lists. In addition, Office 365 Groups include mailing- list like features which can be used to communicate to a select group of people. For more information check out our Office 365 webpages

Note: Office 365 and managing Exchange Distribution Lists

You cannot use the Outlook Address Book to edit an Exchange Distribution List with an Office 365 email account. As a temporary solution, all staff computers on Windows should have a new shortcut called Update DL in the Start Menu


  • you have this shortcut, select the Manage an Exchange list heading below and follow the instructions;
  • you cannot find the Update DL shortcut, follow the instructions under the heading Support to create it on your desktop;
  • you are a Mac or Linux user, you can use the online Distribution List management service.

We understand that this solution to manage Distribtuion Lists is not ideal and we are working on a more user-friendly solution.

Get started

Before setting up a Distribution List, read:

Create a mailing list

For College email addresses only (Exchange Distribution List)

An Exchange Distribution List is:

  • intended to be used with internal addresses only, i.e addresses present in the Global Address List;
  • ideally suited for departmental groups and sections;
  • used to control access to resources such as shared folders and SharePoint sites;
  • Request an Exchange distribution list.

For College and external email addresses (Outlook contact group)

An Outlook contact group (formerly known as a distribution group):

  • is managed via the Outlook web app
  • supports internal and external (i.e. non-Imperial) addresses;
  • allows for easier collaboration and communication as it allows users to have a shared inbox, yammer group, calendar, planner and more

Find out how to create an Outlook contact group

For College and external email addresses (Mailman)

A Mailman mailing list is:

  • managed via web-based interface and/or email-based commands;
  • supports internal and external (i.e. non-Imperial) addresses;
  • populated with a rich feature set of both list and user-based preferences (e.g. list  archiving, digest mailing).

Request a Mailman mailing list

Manage a mailing list

Manage an Exchange Distribution List

  • You cannot use the Outlook Address Book to edit a mailing list with an Office 365 email account.
  • Please note it will take around 2 hours for any changes to the list to be processed and be reflected in the address book.

Add members

1. Go to the Start Menu and select Update DL. If you cannot find this, follow instructions under the heading Support below.
2. Type the name of the mailing list in the Name field, press Find Now and select the correct one from the results.
3. Choose Add and enter the username of the person you wish to add to the list.

Screenshot to illustrate Step 1
4. Press the Check Names button to verify.
5. Click OK and either click Apply to apply the change and keep the box open or click OK to close the box and apply the changes and exit. 

Remove members

1. Select the user you wish to remove and click Remove
2. Press the Yes button when asked to confirm.
3. Click OK and click either Apply to apply the change and keep the box open or OK to close the box and apply the changes. 

Manage a Mailman list

View lists

View the list of public mailing lists.

Administer list

A link to the list administration site is included within the welcome email when a list is created.

Make a list private

You can hide your mailing list from the list above, by going to the Privacy options section of the list administration site.

Mailman passwords

  • Passwords are set per list (for configuration, administration and moderation). Each member of each list has a separate password for each list they belong to.
  • These passwords are not secure and they are not your College password.
  • The default action of lists is to send the password to the relevant member's email address once a month as a reminder of the membership to the list. They are used to control access to user-based list preferences and list archives where applicable.
  • The web interface provides detailed explanations for each configuration option available.

If you have any questions, please contact the ICT Service Desk.


You cannot use the Outlook Address Book to edit a mailing list with an Office 365 account.

If you cannot find the Update DLs link in your Start Menu, follow these steps:

1. Login to a Windows machine connected to the College Active Directory.
2. Right click on your desktop and select New and Shortcut.
3. Copy and paste the following line into the location and click Next: C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe dsquery.dll, OpenQueryWindow 

Screenshot to illustrate Step 3.4. Give it a name and click Finish.
5. Double click on the icon you have created on your desktop.
6. Type the name of the mailing list you wish to edit in the Name: field under the Users, Contacts, and Groups tab.

Screenshot to illustrate Step 6 above.7. Select the correct result from the list and double click on it to open it.
8. Go to Manage an Exchange mailing list above and follow the instructions under the heading Office 365 email accounts.