Staff and Students

ICT no longer supports email redirects and auto-forwarding to external (non-College) email accounts.

Auto-forwarding includes rules set directly on the mailbox by the user to forward any email to an external address automatically.  It is permissible to forward individual emails manually but you cannot use rules to automate this.  You should exercise care and discretion when forwarding any email manually outside the College.

This follows on from College’s revised Information Security Policy and in particular Code of Practice 2 Electronic Messaging, which came into effect at the end of 2016, and requires that we stop setting up new requests to redirect and auto-forward College emails to external accounts. Please see section 4 on “Mail Forwarding” in the Code of Practice above for more details.

This means that College staff should only expect to receive emails on their College email account.

ICT will contact the individuals with redirect and auto-forward rules set via their email clients to inform them of the action they need to take. If you receive this notification and do not take any action, you will stop receiving emails on the external account after this date, and your College account will start receiving “non-delivery reports”.

If you believe you have a valid reason to continue to redirect or auto-forward your College email to an external email account, please contact the ICT Service Desk and we will review your case in line with the College’s Information Security Policy.

This will not stop you manually forwarding individual emails to external (non-College) email accounts if you wish to do so. Alumni email accounts will not be affected by this change.


Staff could request to access their College email account by providing a business reason on the Leaver’s Form for a maximum of six months after they have left the College.


Students will have access to their College email account for six months after the end of their studies. Please see the following information for setting up an alumni account.