Departments are assigned storage space on our secure central network, which is then shared between groups within the departments (between teaching and administrative staff, for example) by the Departmental IT RepresentativeThese group spaces are backed up fully.

Access and manage group space

To access and manage existing group space, go to: Access and manage group space

File space quota

  • The minimum quota allocated to each department is 100GB.
  • Departments with more than 100 staff receive proportionately more space.
  • A similar amount of space is provided for student teaching projects. 

Purchase additional space

Extra group space for teaching purposes is free of charge

Departments may purchase additional departmental and administrative group space at a rate of £100 per 100GB for up to 2TB (2000GB) of storage and £75 per 100GB for additional space beyond 2TB by completing this form: Request for billable group space and back up services