Every Imperial member is provided with a quota of secure file space, both for email and for a personal Home directory (H: drive) stored on College's secure central network.

Email quotas

H: drive quotas

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students are allocated up to 4GB of secure file space each.

Students can also use cloud-based personal file storage via OneDrive for Business.

Staff and postgraduate students

Staff and postgraduate students are allocated up to 8GB.

Staff and students can also use cloud-based personal file storage via OneDrive for BusinessOneDrive for Business is not suitable for storing sensitive data. Go to Recommended file storage options

Additional space

Additional H: drive space may be provided for staff subject to the approval of your Departmental IT Representative at the rates in this table.

Costs for additional H: drive space

Quota band (GB)Additional cost (from base 4GB for undergraduate and service accounts) (£ per annum)Additional cost (from base 8GB for postgraduate and staff accounts) (£ per annum)
 4  Default - no charge  N/A
 8  10.00  Default - no charge
 12  20.00  10.00
 16  30.00  20.00
 20  40.00  30.00
A one-off fee of £10.00 will be levied to administer the change of each quota band request. Departments can also make a case for the quota band for an individual student to be increased and in such cases no additional fees will be charged.
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