Collaboration tools

We provide a variety of tools to help you collaborate with your peers.

Go to: Choose a collaboration tool

We offer several in-house and cloud-based file storage options. 

The storage tool we recommend depends on:

  • the type of data or files you are storing;
  • who you want to have access to it.

Storing information in the correct place is important because it is College policy to protect sensitive data

Recommended file storage options for...

Recommended file storage options

General work/study files (non-sensitive)

  • OneDrive for Business (files saved here are personal to you, can be accessed from the cloud and easily shared with other College members)
  • Home directory (H: drive) (files saved on your H:drive can only be accessed when connected to the College network)

If you need to share them with other College members, use:

Sharing publicy accessible files online

If you need to publish files for staff, students and the public via a College web page then please contact your departmental web editor, Faculty Web Officer or refer to the adding documents guidance on the Web Guide.

If you want to share a link to a file via another online channel e.g. newsletter, social media or a news article then use Workspace on Box.

You can also share files via your Professional Web Page (PWP).

Sensitive data

You must store sensitive data as encrypted files or on an encrypted system. 

Go to Protect sensitive information to find out:

  • what we mean by 'sensitive data';
  • how to store it safely;
  • how to share it with others securely.

Research data

If you are the only person who needs to access this data, use:

If you need to share it with other College members, use:

If you need to share with external collaborators, use:


Research data can also be classed as sensitiveGo to Protect sensitive information for more information on sensitive data and how to share and store it securely.


  • We do not recommend that you use other cloud-based storage options (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, your personal OneDrive). If you do use them, you need to encrypt the files using a product like nCrypted Cloud.
  • Do not use local (C:) drives for College business. You can synchronise the contents of your H: drive and your OneDrive for Business with your machines and devices to access them offline.
  • USB drives and external hard drives must be encrypted. Please make sure you have other copies.