Access group space

You will need to know the path of your share to follow these instructions. If you are unsure, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

map network drive instructions


  1. Click Computer on the Start Menu.
  2. Click Map Network drive.
  3. Select a drive letter in the box marked Drive. It can be any letter that does not have a path next to it already.
  4. Enter your Home directory location in the box marked Folder, e.g. \\\ic\fons\chemistry\medicinal_chemistry
  5. Select Connect using different credentials and enter your College username in the format ic\yourusername and your College password, if you did not login to the computer with your College username and password.


  1. Select Go from the Finder menu
  2. Select Connect to server...
  3. Enter your the path in the Server Address box. It will have the format: cifs://servername/sharename/foldername, e.g. cifs://
  4. Enter your College username and password to connect if you did not login with your College username and password.

Manage group space

Group space is managed by mailing lists. To add or remove a user from group space, follow the steps under the Manage a mailing list heading in the Creating and managing a mailing list area.