Access Office 365

Access Office Online by logging into your Office 365 account.

You will need to use your College login ( and password. 

Office Online provides free, cut-down, browser-based versions of the popular Office apps and allows you to easily collaborate with colleagues, peers and other users of Office 365 in real time.  

Office online is available for Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel. These Office applications are designed to work quickly in a web browser, meaning you can access your work anytime and anywhere, without installing software.

All files created using Office Online are automatically saved to your OneDrive for Business library. From here you can manage your files and chose to share them with colleagues or peers. Learn more about OneDrive.

Navigate 365 Online  

Why not try using your favourite desktop Microsoft applications online? Are you working in a team and want to easily share, review and comment on documents? Use Office online to access, read and modify the same document in real time.

When using Office 365 online, the Homepage and App launcher (waffle menu) in the top left corner presents College's licensed applications available to staff and students. The App launcher offers a way to navigate with ease between compatible 365 tools, for example, create a document in Word and save and share with others using OneDrive. It’s possible to customise your app launcher to present the view that works best for you by moving or unpinning tiles from the menu.

If you are working in Office Online and need to do more advanced formatting, select ‘Edit Document’ and choose to ‘Edit in Word/Excel/PowerPoint or OneNote’. Your file will open for editing using your desktop Office suite and continue to save to OneDrive.

When using Office Online your work is automatically saved, to change the name of the document click in the centre of the top navigation bar and type the desired file name.

Concerned about who can see your files?

OneDrive is personal to you, just like your College ‘H’ drive, only you will be able to view and edit your files, unless you decide to share them with others.