Manage your daily tasks with Microsoft To-Do!

Microsoft To-Do is an intelligent to-do list that synchronises with your Outlook Tasks to give you a ‘My Day’ view. You can access your To-Do list across multiple devices, including phone, tablet and computer. To-Do is now more accessible than ever as it has been added to the list of apps on Office 365.

To start using To-Do, login to Office 365, select the ‘waffle’ menu in the top left-hand corner and search for To-Do. To learn more about To-Do and how to get started head to Microsoft’s support webpages

Group expiry 

ICT plans to enable automated expiry of Groups at the start of 2018 subject to final testing.  All groups will initially have an expiry date set to 365 days after initial creation.  Group owners will receive notification emails at 30 days, 15 days and 1 day before expiry and within the email there will be a link to extend the group for a further 365 days.

Where groups are not extended the group will be expired and the data removed.  There will be a short period (up to 30 days) for reinstatement of a group after which all data is lost and cannot be recovered.

Groups which are identified as having no owner(s) will be identified and members will be contacted to discuss whether the group is required and if so who the new Owner(s) should be.

Mail, Calendar, People and Tasks apps

These apps are to be replaced by a single ‘Outlook’ launcher tile. For full details about this change view the Microsoft Office support pages.  

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Automatic desktop PC updates to latest Windows software.