Conference calls

There are three ways to set up a conference call at Imperial College London:

  • the dial out method
  • the dial in method (using Intercall)
  • online via Skype for Business

What is a dial out conference call?

With this method you can call up to seven participants individually and join the calls together to make one big conference call.

Dial out conference calls can be made from your College telephone and do not require a conference call account. This can be useful if you are already on a call and wish to bring other parties into the conversation.

The person who dials out to the participants pays for the conference call.

 What is a dial in conference call (using Intercall)?

Another way to make a conference call is to use the dial in conference call method, where up to 150 participants call a specific telephone number and enter a unique PIN to join the call. As well as Freephone access for participants we also provide access numbers in 125 countries around the world.

Our preferred dial in service is provided by Intercall. To make a dial in conference call via Intercall you will need a Reservationless-Plus conferencing account. To request an account, contact your Telecoms Representative at least four working days in advance of the call.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business is the Imperial College London preferred online communication and collaboration service for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Skype for Business allows you to communicate and collaborate with other Skype for Business users across College or in other organisations, in addition to your Skype contacts. You can send instant messages (IM), set up and join online meetings (non-Skype for Business users can also be included) and video conferences, as well as share access to your desktop and files so that you can work together with your colleagues.