Woman with mobile This section provides information on how to use your staff mobile. The College mobile provider is O2. Want to order a staff mobile? Place a Telecoms order


Find out how to use Mobex: Mobex


The voicemail service for Imperial mobiles is provided by O2. Read O2 mobile voicemail

Using mobiles overseas

By default, international roaming is switched on.

You can request international roaming to be switched on/off throughout the duration of your contract, via your Telecoms Representative.


Devices from O2 are covered by the standard 12 month manufacturer's warranty. There is no cover for lost or stolen devices.


The costs of using a College mobile are split into UK use and overseas use:

Usage limits

All staff mobile devices have a lower and an upper usage limit. This is a requirement of our auditors and helps mitigate costs in the event of a mobile being lost or stolen.

When you reach your lower limit you will receive a text message advising that your usage is unusually high and you may find your service restricted. When you reach your upper limit your service will be barred and you will no longer be able to make calls, send text messages or use mobile data services (you will still be able to use WiFi).

By default the lower limit is set to £200 per month and the upper limit to £300 per month. These limits can be increased if your Telecoms Representative submits a request to the ICT Service Desk.

Mobile access to Imperial services

To find out how to access Imperial services via your mobile device, go to Mobile.


Contact the ICT Service Desk if you experience any issues with your staff mobile service.