Mobex (Mobile extension) is a way of using your staff mobile like an extension to the College telephone system. Every College mobile and Blackberry is assigned a five digit extension number, which begins with 5 and is followed by four more digits (e.g. 57878). When somebody calls your Mobex number, the call is routed to your mobile.

Mobex uses just the extension number for calls between:

  • Imperial extensions and mobile extensions.
  • Mobile extensions and Imperial extensions.
  • Mobile extensions to mobile extensions.

Do I get an inclusive/free minutes/texts?

Yes. The standard voice tariff includes all local, national and mobile calls as well as domestic (ie. not international) text messages.

Do I get a free device upgrade each year?

Corporate contracts do not include free device upgrades.

How do I make calls from my staff mobile using Mobex?

Calls to external telephone numbers

Dial the full telephone number, including dialling code.

Calls to College telephone numbers

Dial just the 5 digit extension number.

Calls to College telephones on the medical campuses

Dial the full external telephone number, including the dialling code.

Calls to other staff mobiles

Dial the Mobex number only.

Calls to non-staff mobiles

Dial the full mobile number.

Calls to the Imperial Switchboard

Press 000 and then press the connect/dial button.

How do I send a text message from my staff mobile using Mobex?

To send a text message to any mobile, you must send it to the full mobile number.