The standard voicemail service we offer at Imperial College London is Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging.

What's good about it?

There are three reasons why we believe that Exchange Unified Messaging is the best voicemail option for most members of staff at Imperial.

Voicemails straight to your inbox

With Exchange Unified Messaging your voicemail messaging are delivered directly into your email inbox and can be played either through your telephone, a headset or the speakers of your computer.

One place to check for messages

This service simplifies your office experience as it makes your email inbox the only place your need to check for all of your messages.

Treat voicemails like emails

Exchange Unified Messaging offers you new options for communicating with your colleagues as it enables you to forward voicemails in the same way as emails and attach supporting notes or documents.

Activate EUM

We can only activate Exchange Unified Messaging on telephones where the extension is registered to one person only and where that person has a valid College email account.

Contact your Telecoms Representative to request the activation of Exchange Unified Messaging on your telephone if you meet the above requirements.