The Data Centre provides shared services to College members and local organisations, hosted in a secure, resilient and controlled environment. The Centre hosts the Imperial ICT Private Cloud, providing central services that include:

  • the hosting physical servers
  • the provision of virtual servers
  • shared Research Computing Service (RCS)
  • virtual storage on the Storage Area Network
  • shared backup and restore services
  • business systems

The Data Centre team offers hosting and storage services, providing additional computer storage and hosting server space, websites and databases. The team also oversees specialist cooling to racks consuming up to 20kW of power for a maximum of 35 racks, facilitates hosting across multiple data rooms for high availability, monitors hosted servers, proactively resolves disruptions and provides chargeable tape data backup and archiving services on request.

The Data Centre facility consists of several data rooms, connected with resilient dark fibre. These rooms are designed and maintained as environmentally controlled areas with climate and access control. In line with College's Green Computing policy, data is hosted on more economical, sustainable and less resource intensive virtual servers wherever possible.

Researchers and research groups planning to carry out research supported by High Performance Computing should contact our HPC Service Support team. Depending on the research need, use of Imperial's HPC facility may be offered free of charge or, where specialist equipment and features are required, either provided at cost or procured.

To enhance availability, resilience, security and, importantly, to provide expansion for future growth, ICT’s Data Centre Relocation is underway. Find out more - Data Centre Relocation

You may contact the Data Centre team via the ICT Service Desk.