To connect to the Imperial-WPA network using a Linux machine, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Network Manager icon.
  2. Click Enable Wireless.
  3. Click off this menu and then click back onto the Network notification icon again (this refreshes the Network Manager).
  4. Select Imperial-WPA from the available wireless networks list. The Wireless Network Authentication Required windows will appear.
  5. Choose WPA & WPA2 Enterprise from the Wireless Security dropdown list.
  6. Choose Protected EAP (PEAP) from the EAP Method dropdown list.
  7. Enter ic\yourCollegeusername in the Anonymous Identity field.
  8. Choose Version 0 from the PEAP Version dropdown list.
  9. Enter ic\yourCollegeusername again in the User Name field.
  10. Enter your College password in the Password field.
  11. Click Connect. The system may prompt you to enter a keyring password for saving your credentials (this password does not need to match your College password).

You are now connected to the Imperial-WPA network.